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Towards an aesthetic of resistance Images
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Carbon Monoxide Apple HQ Federation Square Melbourne 9 Pen Acrylic inks pit pen charcole p

Carbon Monoxide Apple HQ Federation Square Melbourne 9
Pen Acrylic inks pit pen charcoal pencil photocopy watercolour paper 113 x 157 cm 2022 
Alex Hamilton Australian 


image 1_continent of smoke (birds I) 2022_Paul Uhlmann_183x122cm.jpg

2  continent of smoke (birds I) (also see URL text page)

oil on linen canvas  183cmx122cm  2022 Paul Uhlmann  Perth Australian 


Falling Complexions 2021 138x122cm.jpg

Failing Complexions  
Oil on Canvass 138 x122cm 2021 David Palliser Australian 



4  UKR_PEACE+LOVE_1, ​​non-fungible token; Contract ID: TBD, Token ID: TBD 2022 jahyun Seo South Korea lives in New York  


5  Women’s Strike, Opera House, Poland,
Ink on paper, 25 x 38cm. 2021 Joy Gerrard Belfast London Uk



I Wish I Had A River
Multimedia projection and drawing in the lobby of 10 Times Square New York  extends to an enormous electronic billboard at 41st and 7th streets  interspersed between ads every few moments as it wraps around the corner. 2021 Keren Anavy Israel/America 

'Sail Away' ©Susan Stockwell 2013. Turbine Hall, TATE Modern. Paper money & map boats. Pho

 SAIL AWAY  Ongoing installation of small boats made from old paper currency, tickets and maps Initially exhibited in TATE Modern’s Turbine Hall then touring many museums and exhibition spaces from 2013 onwards.  Susan Stockwell France/Uk

Drawings and Translations_MW.jpg

The City of Mirrors  
A recent group of drawings and translations --See text URL for translations, 3 drawings, 4 sheets of paper with text , crayons, each  A4 (29.7x21 cm)
  2022.  Mark Wingrave  Australian

Threads of Surveillance_9 25cm x 35cm.JPG

9  Threads of Surveillance 9

Felt and  machine sewn  thread  25cm x 35cm 2022  VARVARA KEIDAN SHAVROVA. Ukraine/Ireland/UK  

Svetlana Bailey, In Memory of Big Mike, 2019, pigment print, 50 × 40 in. (127 × 101.6 cm).

10  66% Bananas (We share more than 66% of our DNA with bananas and I concern myself with the emerging prospect of their extinction.)  Photo-media 2020  Svetlana Bailey born St Petersburg, Australian, New York

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